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When it comes to seeing the exotic destinations in India, Goa is the front runner. This Indian state has a rich influence of a strong historical background. The earlier rulers were Mauryas but the city was finally under the rule of the Portuguese who ruled Goa for about 450 years. The son of Yusuf Adil Shah lost Goa to Portuguese forever. In the year 1961, the army of India liberated Goa from the rule of the Portuguese. In the later years, it attained status of Indian statehood. Goa is truly a beautiful destination with some if the magnificent temples, forts, beaches and churches. If you are really interested in having a visit to Goa, the first thing to do is to study the Goa Map in detail.

If you are a traveler who frequently travels across different states of India and you want to have a glimpse of Goa, it is better to study the Goa road map. You will find some of the famous churches and convents are located in old Goa.

The Bom Jesus Basilica
This is a world heritage monument and was built in the 16h century. The moral remains of the saint Francis Xavier are located in the church. This church has a great relevance for Christians as well as people of different faiths.

Se Cathedral
This is one of the magnificent churches of Goa. It s famous for is golden bell and one of the best in the world. This church is dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandria.

Some of the famous mosques in Goa are:

Jama Masjid
This is located 26 km from the city of Margaon and was renovated in a complete manner in the year 1959.

Goa is called the beach country and is known for some of the exotic beaches in the world. Goa has a 103 km coastline and is famous for is crescent beaches.

Calangute Beach
This is a magnificent beach located in the north Goa. There are some nice restaurants and hotels on this beach. This is located 15 km from the city of Panaji and is called the queen of beaches.

Baga Beach
It is a beautiful and quite beach. There is also a fort near the beach by the name fort Aguada.

Anjuna Beach
This is a magnificent beach and is located 18 km from Panaji. This is famous for beautiful palms. A weekly flea market is held on this beach.
When you travel towards south Goa, you will find some of the magnificent beaches. Have a look at Goa road map to reach these beautiful beaches.

Palolem Beach
It is a beach facing two headlands. The blue bay reflects beauty. This beach is poplar in Goa for its silent noise parties and is located just three km from Canacona railway station.

Goa is an exotic destination for the traveler when it comes to enjoyment and fun. It is better to have a Goa trip with your lover or family.


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