India - Land of Beautiful Beaches

India is a land of beaches. They are many in number and to explore all the beaches in this nation, a short span of time is not enough. This country is vast and is one of the best beach destinations in the world for the tourists and the honeymoon lovers. You can have a trip to some beautiful beaches in India and this will be a wonderful experience in your life.

Gujarat is a state of India and a wonderful attraction for the tourists. Some of the good beaches of India are located in this place. You will really feel the taste of life when explore the beauty of these beaches.

Gopnath beach

This is a beach in Gujarat known for its pristine beauty. It is located in the Bhavnagar district of the state. The beautiful beach is located in gulf of Kambhat coast. From Bhavnagar, you will have to move a distance of 75 km. From talaja taluka, you will have to travel a distance of 22km to reach to the beach. You will find exclusive natural beauty on this beach. You will also see the famous fort here. It belongs to the king of Gohilvad.

Umbergaon beach

Umbergaon is also called Umergaon. The beach located at this place is beautiful. You will find it peaceful and can have a meditation on this beach. There is no pollution on the beach. The ecological and environmental effects of the beach make you relaxed. It is truly an abode of peace. 20 percent of the population of Umbergaon is fishermen and twenty percent are industrialists.

Tithal beach

This is one of the famous beaches in Gujarat. It falls along Arabian Sea and is located 5km from the town of Valsad. It is famous for black sand and popular tourist destination in the southern part of Gujarat. There are two beautiful temples located more than 1.5 from the north and south side of the beach. You can get some mouth watering Indian foods on the beach. You have restrooms near temples.

KELWA beach

Kwela is a beautiful beach and is one of the ideal destinations for the people of Mumbai on the weekends. It is 8 km long and can become a good tourist attraction.

Gorai beach Mumbai -

It is a beautiful beach located in the northern part of Mumbai. This beach is linked by the Gorai creek and you can reach there in a span of 15 minutes. When you visit the Gorai beach, you can also have a trip to the Essel world. These are the perfect spots for different age groups and it can really be a trip for your adventure. You have the accommodation facilities on this beach in guest houses, cottages etc. Go to the famous Gorai da dhaba and get the best facilities of accommodation and food. It is also called Fonesca whispering palm. You can have a ferry ride from Marve beach to reach here. It is a beautiful beach in the list of beaches India.

Plan a trip to these beaches with family and friends. You will have wonderful time.


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