Alluring Goa Beach Holiday Estate

Goa one of the tourist destined states in the south west of India is one of the best holiday estate found. Panaji one of its alluring city is the capital of this state. This state thought small in size is wrapped with a lot of enchanting sceneries bestowed by the nature with awesome beaches and pristine palm fringes dotted on the banks of the beach on the golden brown sand. The place gives a monopoly attraction for the tourist all over the globe.

To prove you with the above description here is a special guide and assistance offered by the Travel to Goa where you will find the locations of many majestic and exciting resorts for spending holiday vacations and they are listed below;

The amusing Goa resorts:

Agonda Beach

The beach is one of the most popular beaches of Goa and is located in the south of this state 60 km from the city of Margoa. The place is a secluded area calm and serene site with a vast sea dotted with palm fringes on the sides of the brown sand where the soft waves blows on the sand signifying the mutual relation of nature. The place is dramatically beautiful with the famous historical fort of Cabo De Rama where Lord Krishna took shelter with his wife in the 14th year of exile which remained as a background to the beach giving an air of mystic romantic scene. The place is the best resort for the lonely seekers and nature lovers.

Dona Paula

The beach is one of the loveliest beaches found in the world and is located in the northern side of Goa just 7 km from the capital city. If you visit this particular beach you will find interesting and uniqueness in this beach. The beach was named after the viceroy's daughter who felt in love with a poor fishermen but their relation was disapprove by her father unable to face the dejection and problem suicide herself by jumping down the cliff into the sea. The haunting heart breaking love story attracted millions of people to sense the romantic ecstasy of this lovely place. The legend still lingers around and there is a common rumor that in the midnight the faint figure of a woman can be notice rising from the wave wearing a pearl necklaces. But the scene of the place looks fantastic with wonders prevailing around for the entertainment of the tourist. The place facilitates exciting sports of kayaking, snorkeling and motor boat riding and other wilder ones like the windsurfing, parasailing and yachting etc. The place gives a lot of fun and entertainments so try for a Goa Beach Holidays and experience the thrill effect of this beach.

Apart from this there are the Dudhsagar waterfall meaning the ocean of milk is also an amazing scene of steep flowing of water and the huge cultivation of tea estate in the Sahakari Spice farms and Abyss Spice farms etc. The place is filled with amusements and wonders of nature book the Goa Vacation Packages and explore the beauty of the captivate sights and leave a memorable snaps to be cherish forever.


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