Enjoy Adventure Holidays In Nepal

Experience the panoramic views and make the most of adventure sport delights as Nepal is an ideal tourist destination that serves the finest of both the world's pleasures. If you are craving for the most exciting Nepal adventure holidays and can reach to limitless extends to experience its limits, travel to this beautiful state of Nepal is certainly the most joyful ride in nature's arms. Insane sport activities including trekking in Nepal, are surely one of the finest experiences for tourists from all around the world longs to indulge in.

Nepal has its own incredible beauty that lies in eyes of its beholder with world's highest mountain ranges in the state. Deep and dense picturesque panoramas of Nepal, makes it an ideal destination to experience complete adventure tour for tourists around the world. Since Nepal offer amazing adventure tourism and best outdoor activities to enjoy, numerous adventure activities provide ample of opportunities for cultural and heritage tourism.

Experience eye catching landscapes, snowy mountain passes and scenic glaciers on Nepal adventure holidays and indulge with few fun loaded activities as mentioned below:

Trekking activities: The most striking sport activity, trekking in Nepal is surely not to be missed as Nepal is famous among enthusiastic trekkers around the world. With an appealing and well organized trekking tour in Nepal, explore the finest natural beauty with hiking trails in country that provide scenic views of landscapes, mountain passes and spectacular glaciers. Since Nepal is famous for numerous trekking trails, Everest region, Annapurna region and Langtang region are among some of popular trekking regions exhibited that attracts millions of trekkers from all around the world every year.

Tourists can explore famous snow peaks like Mt Everest, lakes like that of Gosain Kund, flowing rivers, streams and falls are all there to delight its visitors. Spectacular views of rhododendrons forest, with diversity of plant and animal species can be explored on trekking tour in Nepal. Protected regions along the Himalayas like Shey-Phoksundo, Langtang, Sagarmatha, Makalu-Barun, Rara, Kanchenjunga and Shivapuri national parks along with Annapurna and Manaslu conservation areas, provide excellent trekking option to its visitors.

Mountain Biking: Discover the spectacular mountain beauty of Nepal and boost your fondness for mountain biking in Nepal. Known as an ultimate adventure activity for enthusiasts, mountain biking is surely fun loaded experience in zigzag trails of mountains. Since sport is really renowned with endless tracks and trails to explore in Nepal, bikers can experience remote wilderness, life changing culture and unbelievable views.

River Rafting Experience: Nepal offers some of the ideal rivers along with mountain ranges, which offer rafting opportunities for tourists. White Water rafting in Nepal is the perfect way to enjoy water adventure sports. Some of the famous rivers for rafting are Karnali, Trisuli, Sun Koshi etc. The flow of water in these rivers is intense rapid and ideal for rafting.


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