Rajasthan: The First and Oldest Culture of the World

RAJASTHAN: It is one of the most adventurous and fantastic tourist destination of India. It is also reputed as a "Land of King". It is made in 1949 as the largest state of India in terms of geographical area. In the development of Indian civilization it plays very important role. Some well known popular tourist destination of Rajasthan are Aravalli range, amazing lakes of Udaipur, beautiful Thar Desert, Palaces of Jaipur, desert forts of Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Ajmer, Amber, Alwar, Chittorgarh, Bikaner and Jaisalmer.

RAJASTHAN CULTURE and CIVILIZATION: It is also known for its magical culture and fantastic festival, civilized people, Ghoomer and Kalbeliya dance, Mughal era constructions, its traditional dresses, folk music. The culture of Rajasthan is 5000 year old. It is also known as Shopper's Paradise, with colorful art, painting.

DANCE: Rajasthani dance shows culture and art of the state. There are several types of dances in Rajasthan like Ghoomer, Folk and Gair, Kalbeliya dance, which is world famous due to its uniqueness. Ghoomer dance is performed by only women by singing a song in robes, held in Udaipur and kalbeliya dance in Jaisalmer. The folk dances of Rajasthan showing its traditions and origin to rural customs.

PEOPLE: The population of Rajasthan lives mostly in village. The rural area of Rajasthan attracts local and international tourist due to their oldest culture and ancient civilization with different festival. The local language of this state is Rajasthani which is used by more than 45 million people. Rajasthani people are mostly Marwari related to Indo Aryan group. Birla family, Laxmi Mittal and Bharo Singh Shekhawat is the famous Rajasthani.

FESTIVAL: It has several amazing festival which are celebrated every year. Globally well known festival of Rajasthan are Brij festival, Camel Festival Bikaner, Nagaur festival, Desert Festival Jaisalmer, Elephant Festival Jaipur, Gangaur Festival Jaipur, Mewar Festival Udaipur and the Teej Festival Jaipur. The festival is organized by tourism of Rajasthan. Pushkar fair is well known pilgrimage visitor's attraction of India and it is famous for the great Lord Brahma. It is a holy place for Hindus. These festival offers to opportunity to know about the real life of Rajasthan and its civilization.

Due to its ancient civilization, it attracts 14 percent of international tourist in 2010. It is also famous for stonework and sculpture which is used in caving images of the deities. It has own traditional dishes with tasty flavor and people mostly used milk in food. There are numerous temples like Hindu temple, Jain temple, churches, tombs that shows diversity of religion. The other attraction is its different kind of amazing painting which is a part of Rajasthani art. The magical festival and oldest civilization waits for you.

These are major visitor's attraction of Rajasthan. Truly you will have a great time in India and which will provide you a great experience and unforgettable moment forever. So travel to this wonderful destination of India and experience the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan.


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