Admired Tourist Attractions of Bhutan and Ladakh

Bhutan and Ladakh are the two famous destinations in the Majestic Himalayan Mountains. These places incorporate beautiful hill peaks, rough landscape rare species of flora and fauna, importance places of different religions, etc. They are also well-known destinations for the adventures tourism like bike outings and trekking, mountains climbing. Apart form these attractions; diverse culture, traditions and lifestyle of the local people also grab the attention of the tourists. There are many famous places to visit in this region some of the most famous are following.


Paro Valley
Paro very is one of the most beautiful destinations in the country. The valley also has much historic importance in the history of Bhutan. Various important old temples and monasteries are located in the valley. Terraced fields of the valley also produce significant amount of red rice. One and only airport of the country is also located it this valley.

Thimphu Valley
Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan. The valley is located at the elevation of approximately 2,300 meters. Various museums, forts, temples and monasteries located in the Thimphu Valley. Norzin Lam, the National Folk Heritage Museum, and the National Institute of Traditional Medicine are the must see attractions of the Valley.


Buddhist Monasteries
There are many Buddhist monasteries located in Ladakh. Various old monasteries of Ladakh make it different from other tourism places. Numerous tourists come at this place to visit these monasteries. Hemis is the largest monastery from all of them. The monastery has a wonderful painting of Lord Buddha which is displayed only one time in two years. Shey, Thikse, Stakana and Sankar are the other popular monasteries of the town.

Ladakh is also famous for the adventures trekking. There are various exciting trekking trails are present in surroundings of the town. Kargil, Zanskar valley and Indus valley are the most popular places in the town for trekkers. During the trekking in this region tourists can also see the rare flora and fauna species.

Culture and Tradition
Diverse culture and lifestyle of the local people also a popular attraction of Ladakh Tour. Culture of Himalayan is isolated outside the world. The town is far away from the western cultures and developments. They preserved their Buddhist heritage from the new western cultures which is spread across the world. Tourist can enjoy the simple and clam life during their Ladakh cultural tour. It is really very relaxing experience for them.

These are the famous attractions of Ladakh and Bhutan tour. Here tourists have lots of relief from their busy and noisy lifestyle. These destinations assist people in regain their strength and again start life with full of energy.


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