The Wonders and Attractions of Wales' Llandrindod Wells

History of Llandrindod Wells

Though Llandrindid Wells has a naturally occurring volcanic spa which was documented by the Romans when they were an occupying force in Great Britain, it was only until the 19th century when a railway line was extended to Mid Wales that Llandrindod Wells became a town in it's own right.

At this point, Victorian people were convinced of the healing properties of naturally occurring spas and would travel all over the UK to spas, for their perceived health benefits. Doctors would proscribe a visit for certain aliments.

As a result Llandrindod Wells flourished economically as new industries grew around the spa and its popularity.

Though it has gone through good and bad times economically, tourism in Wales is as strong as it ever was, and as a result towns such as Llandrindod Wells have benefited enormously.

Rock Park Spa
It is fair to say that the town grew around the spa, once it was opened up to the general populous. The Victorians built a water pump to bring the waters of the spa so they could be bottled and sold. The pump fell into disrepair and disuse in the 1970s but was rebuilt a decade later. The Rock Park Spa now has a visitor centre where its history can be learned, and a restaurant is also here so there is a place to eat.

Llandrindod Wells Lake

No visit to Llandrindod Wells can be complete without a visit to the lake. It is not just a scenic view that is on offer, as in many ways the lake is a hub for several other activities. Princess Road which takes in part of the lake also leads the way to the Automobile Palace. Here, the National Cycling Exhibition can be found together with an exhibition showcasing an old motor showroom. There is also good shopping to be had too.

The lake is also next to a good walking route which encompasses moderately steep terrain providing superb views of the surrounding area. It also leads to 'Shaky Bridge' and Cefnllys Castle and St Michael's Church. You'll be relieved to know that a new bridge was constructed in 1940 which is steady and not shaky, and that there is an excellent picnic spot at 'Shaky Bridge'.

Cors-Y-Llyn National Nature Reserve

The nature reserve in Llandrindod Wells is a remnant of a melt water pool which dates back to the Ice Age. This is the reason the nature reserve is home to some of the rarest species of plants and wild flowers in the region of Mid Wales, making the nature reserve a much sought after attraction.
Due to its Mid Wales location, Llandrindod Wells provides an excellent base to explore this historically enriched and culturally vibrant country of Wales.


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