Almora Hill Station An Amazing Hill Station In Uttarakhand

Almora was established in 1568. Almora is an amazing hill station to expediently enjoy the impressive snows cape of the Himalayas. Almora is placed at the top of a peak that is half round.

Almora is a town in the figure of a horse shoe. Almora is approx 5 km long mountain range. Almora has its own cultural, political and historical importance. In the olden time, it was the capital of Kumaon. It was set up by King Balo Kalyan Chand in 1563. The courts, governmental offices, forts and other historical monuments are still present today. Two rivers, Suyal and Koshi flow close to the Almora. The snow capped peaks of the Himalayas seem like a long train of ice and snow from here.
Every spot of Almora is full with charming beauty and the city has maintained its olden tradition even today.

Almora is also called a city of temples. Placed in the middle of the city is the temple of Goddess Nanda Devi. Not like Nainital, Ranikhet and Shimla, which were developed by the English, Almora is a totally developed by the Indians. Almora has lot of fruit gardens like apricots, plums, apples, peaches, etc.

Places to See in Almora:

Chitai Temple: Chitai temple is very famous temple in this area. Many people of Kumaon come here and workship of lord Golu. This temple is dedicated to Lord Golu. Once a wish is fulfilled people hang up bells in this temple. So there are many bells hanging on the wall. The vision of the Himalayas is very attractive from here.

Bright End Corner: Bright End Corner is 2 kms away from Almora. This point is famous for the sunrise and the sunset view of the Himalayan peaks. In this place you can spend some peaceful time surrounded by the nature.

Katarmal: This temple is dedicated to the Sun. It is 800 year old temple. The temple is also called Sun temple. This temple is second in importance after the Sun Temple of Konark in Orissa. This temple is 17 kms away from Almora.

Deer Park: Deer Park is 3 kms away from Almora.

Nanda Devi Temple: This is thousand year old temple. This is the one main attraction of Almora. Every year a great festival held here.

Kasar Devi: Kasar Devi temple is Near of Kalimutt. This was built in the second century. The distance between Kasar Devi and Kalimatt is very less. You can easily cover it by foot.

Around Almora:

Bageshwar is tourist place. It is 90Km. far from the Almora. Bageshwar is the main place for the Pindari Glacier tour. Bageshwar is placed at altitude of 3,825 meters.

Baijnath is 70 kms. from the Almora. This is very old temple at the bank of Gomti River in a plane valley. Baijnath at a height of 1126 meters. The temples are observed upon, for its heritage and carving stone work. This temple was built by Katyuri leader.

Jageshwar is situated 34 kms from Almora. There is an olden Shiva temple at Jageshwar. This temple is enclosed by enormous fur trees. The Jageshwar Shiva temple holds archaeological importance too. The design of this temple is appeal giving a close examination.


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