The Ganges at its Wildest Avatar

You have always knows the mighty Ganges as a religious icon of Hinduism. A dip into the sacred waters of this great river body and your road to salvation no longer remains an impossible dream. For the people of this diverse land called India, the water in the river possesses healing prowess both for the body and soul. The soothing landscapes in the vicinity just add volume to its charisma. A bath at a Ganga Ghat surely soothes your devotional sides, but what about a deep plunge into the rapids of the Ganges (sans the salvation purposes)? We tried both- a bath and a raft. And we just can't help swearing by the charm of the Ganges. It doesn't matter if our sins weren't washed away properly, but our stress did vanish in the gushing force of the river. Plus, the satisfaction of conquering the nature's most powerful forces is probably the most satisfying feeling on earth.

If Ganges denotes an ultimate spiritual hub of the religious circuits in the country, it is an adventure seeker's paradise too and blessed by the holy touch of this sacred river body from the paradise, there lays a saintly land called Rishikesh. Rishikesh was the perfect cure for our wild sides and the bigger the rapids were the bigger chances it held to satiate our adventurous streaks. Tackling the wild rapids amidst the lure of the wilderness was working on us like some fine wine and this sweet intoxicating gradually went on to become a drug for our souls. But, everything comes with a side effect. But the exhaustion in the body after a rafting expedition felt sweet too.

May be this is why people from all over the world come rushing in to get taste of the great river rafting in Rishikesh. Situated at the foothills of the Shivalik hills, Rishikesh represents a beautiful painting with perfect strokes of the creator. And a well maintained camping experience by the river is like a lamination to this priceless painting. But, if challenging the surfs in the river is not your type of activity, the sweet sound of the gurgling river in isolation is the antidote you were looking for the Mephistopheles in you.

We obviously didn't want to miss the magic of white water rafting on the Ganges and the adrenaline rush involved. After all, there is no comparison of the thrill of fighting the currents in the river. Otherwise, gently floating past terraced hillsides and green forest was in any way a better option than to inhale all the metropolitan toxins.

Before setting foot at Rishikesh, I had heard that the Ganges has many moods depending upon how you look at it and at Rishikesh we did encounter a very special one- wild and obstinate. But, this unyielding nature only signified a deeper side of its persona that you can tag as unfathomable. However, the charm of rafting is to tame the unfathomable. Isn't it? This doesn't mean that we went against the law and order of the nature. It was only a way to winning our fears and apprehensions. Rafting was indeed a tool.


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