Golden Triangle Tours - A Shortcut to Heart of Country

India is one of the most preferred destinations in the list of vacationers as the country is wealthy in its culture, traditions and heritage that is beautifully distinct from rest of the continents in the world. The country is beautifully decorated from north to south and east to west with spectacular destinations to admire. Either relish the adventurous trips in the laps of Himalayans or cruise through the pristine backwaters of Kerala, relax at the beach side of Goa or enjoy the extensive fest of Kolkata, the country gives pleasure to all.

While you are here in country, planning for your Vacations in India, there are numerous tour packages that are tailor-made, which not only schedules your journey but also promises to explore a lot in short period of time. Travelers can opt for any packages as per their desire to visit the Indian destination but if you are a first time visitors you should probably select the Golden Triangle Tour Package that takes you directly to the heart of India i.e. north-India where you can see three popular destinations, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur Tours are the most admired trips among the travelers. It offers the tourists to get in touch with the culture and heritage very well. The journey begins from the capital city, Delhi, which is well connected with the international ports. Here in Dilli Dilwalo Ki you can explore the past as well as present that together makes a fantastic fusion of the city. The city has two parts Old, depicting the great creations of the British and New that resembles modernity of today. Witness the popular attractions and excursions of the city. Don't miss the shopping factor!

In Agra, the city of Mughals all you can see are the majestic architectural creations of the medieval time. The small city has maintained the dignity of the country and is successful in getting place in the world map with the help of masterpiece, Taj Mahal in Agra. The undying symbol of love is popular worldwide and is a World Heritage site.

Coming to last destination of Golden Triangle India i.e. Jaipur, all I can say is that it is most distinct cities in India, known as the Pink City. Dotted with forts, palaces and havelis, you can never forget the princely stay in the Heritage Hotels of Jaipur. The city greets their immense guests with warm and friendly hospitality, terminating their Golden Triangle Tour in best memorable way.


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