Kenya Tourist Destinations For Wonderful Holiday Trip

Kenya is an East African country with Nairobi being its capital city. It was named after Mount Kenya, which is the second highest mountain peak in Africa. Kenya is home to diverse culture and landscapes. It has many parks, beaches, museums, mountains and a huge variety of wildlife. Kenya is sure a magical country, and that's the reason why Kenya tourist destinations are frequently visited by many travelers.

Nairobi, also known as the "Green City in the Sun" is the largest city in Kenya. It is a cosmopolitan city with huge variety of wildlife and is considered to be a great safari destination. This city is fourth largest city in Africa and the most populated city in East Africa. It is a cultural and business hub of Kenya, home to many companies and organizations. Nairobi is one of the major Kenya tourist destinations.

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya known for its fine beaches such as Diani, Tiwi and Shelly. Mombasa is also home to other tourist attractions such as Fort Jesus and Old Town. Lake Turkana is the famous lake of Northern Rift Valley and is also known as the biggest desert lake in the world. It is filled with crocodiles and the lake changes its color with the wind.

Aberdare National Park lies in the Aberdare Mountain Range. It is home to many spectacular animals such as, sykes monkeys, baboons, lions, bongo, golden cat and the black rhino. Kenya tourist destinations provide a spectacular safari and wildlife experience. This park is home to many hiking locations and picnic spots. Malindi is a town which is surrounded by beaches. It has Marine Park where tourists come to enjoy snorkeling. It has two lagoons; Turtle Bay and Blue Lagoon.

Thika is famous for its coffee plantations and two waterfalls; Thika falls and Chania falls. On the southeast section it has Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park. Lamu is a historical place which was inhabited 700 years ago by Swahili settlers. This place has many economical rented houses where tourists can stay and enjoy the beaches of Lamu.

Kenyan dishes are inexpensive to make and is filling. Some of the popular dishes of Kenya are; Ugali (made from corn or maize flour and water which is served in different forms), Mandaazi (sweet dish of fried dough), Irio (made from corn and potatoes with greens and vegetables) and Githeri (corn and beans boiled together and is served like a stew). While visiting different Kenya tourist destinations one should always try to feast on local Kenyan cuisines.


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