Minneapolis Art Venues: It's All Here

Musicals, dance, theater, concerts, art shows - think this is referring to New York or London? Think again. Minneapolis is the third-largest American theater market after Chicago and New York and it comes in second only to New York in live theater per capita. The City of Lakes has earned itself quite a reputation for world-class music and performance art and its state-of-the-art venues offer top-notch acoustics and visual accessibility for countless audience members every year.

New buildings are being built all the time to showcase art in all its variations. $500 million dollars in donations from public and private donors and foundations has bolstered Minneapolis' funding for arts and allowing new companies to set up shop and provide extremely high-quality entertainment for the people of the Mill City. Architectural wonders like the Guthrie Theater are works of art in their own right. This Minneapolis monolith is home to three performance stages, a restaurant, several bars, and pre-show dining, all right on the riverfront.

The Walker Art Center is another stunning Minneapolis landmark. Its 2005 expansion made it an even bigger player on the world stage, right in the heart of Minneapolis. The center has several dining options, a bar and is located right next to an outdoor sculpture garden. Gallery tours and talks are regular events and the center makes an effort to cater to guests with any kind of mobility barrier or sensory issue. Housing visual, performance, and media arts, the Walker Art Center is a space for people to learn about and interact with contemporary art.

Minneapolis, home of the Minnesota Opera, is internationally reknowned for the impeccable quality of its vocal performance artists. The Minnesota Opera produces incredibly high-calibre opera and opera education programs. Of special note is its New Works initiative, which aims to support the establishment of the contemporary opera canon by producing new commissions and revivals of new and more recent works. The Minnesota Opera is committed to "innovation, world-class artistic quality and strong community service."

The city may be covered in snow for half the year, but Minneapolis' art scene is hot. Whether you enjoy visual, tactile, or aural art, Minneapolis definitely offers an art form to delight your senses and challenge your mind. Perhaps you haven't explored any of these modes of artistic expression in Minneapolis. If not, now is the best time!


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