Czech Republic Tourist Destination For Stunning Holiday Trip

Czech Republic is a small landlocked country situated in Central Europe. It showcases an exciting history of Bohemia and Moravia, the two ancient lands that now make up the modern Czech Republic.

The capital city of Prague, which is considered as the world's most beautiful and cultured cities, exhibits unbeatable architectural and cultural sites. Old Town Square is the very core of Prague, with many places to eat and drink with beautiful architecture along its sides. The town hall tower has an astronomical clock at its base. It was built in 1490 and at the turn of the hour it puts on a minute long show with apostles moving out of the window to the left of the clock. Prague also has plenty of modern art. Prague also attracts large amounts of foreign (mostly German and Russian) tourists because of the low costs associated with nightlife. It has large number of bars and clubs located at close proximity and often open late. Due to these reasons many travelers have made Czech Republic tourist destination.

The trip to Czech Republic is not complete without a visit to the castle complex. This complex has forty buildings and palaces, courtyards, gardens and a moat with resident bears. The entry to the castle is free. The Old Town is known for several museums and galleries. The Regional museum has permanent collection of about 34,000 objects including Bohemian antiques and archeological finds. Those who are fascinated by the thought of visiting such magnificent castles should make Czech Republic tourist destination.

In mid-June there is this three day festival known as the 5-Petalled Rose Celebrations which turns the Czech Republic into a Renaissance town once again. It is more like a medieval fest where visitors are treated to concerts, arts and crafts, dances, theatrical performances and jugglers. Czech Republic tourist destination is that destination which offers such unique experience.

Czech cuisine is quite heavy with lot of meat, usually pork or beef which is served with dumplings, potatoes or rice in a sauce and a glass of beer. Knedliky is a bread-like side dish often served with meals. Soup also plays an important role in Czech cuisine. Czech meals usually consist of two or more courses; the first course is soup, the second course is the main dish and other courses such as dessert or compote may follow. The most famous Czech drink is beer and is thought to be the world's best. Some of the best known brands are Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser, Gambrinus, Radegast and Velkopopovicky Kozel. If you want to spend great time with some real good beer that this country has to offer, then make sure that you make Czech Republic tourist destination.


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