Cuba Tourist Destination For Splendid Holiday Trip

Tourism is considered as one of the main sources of revenue for Cuba. Every year Cuba attracts over 2 million people. This island is home to beautiful beaches and colonial architecture.

Havana is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the Caribbean with a population of over two million. The most famous hotel in Havana is the Nacional which is still being patronized by Hollywood film stars. Havana has a powerful tourist infrastructure with more than 10000 rooms in hotels and inns and hundreds at private homes. It also has famous restaurants, dozens of night clubs, discos and other night centers such as the famous cabaret Tropicana, golf fields, around 30 museums, 10 art galleries, and near about 20 theaters. All these attractions have made Havana the cultural center of the country and more and more travelers have considered Cuba tourist destination of their dreams.

Holguin is a rugged mountainous region which has many amazing underwater dive sites and exquisite beaches. Its beaches, lagoons and bays are frequently visited by the tourists. The mountains and tropical forests of Holguin remain virtually untouched. This spot where Columbus first sighted the new world is commemorated by a park with columns and statues symbolizing the meeting of European and Aboriginal civilizations. Those who like to spend some quality time relaxing on beaches should make Cuba tourist destination.

Varadero is one of the most beautiful Cuban beaches located in Peninsule of Hicacos in the north coast of Matanzas province. It is connected to Havana by a freeway of great visual beauty. Varadero has an international airport connected with several cities of North America and Europe. It also has many restaurants, night clubs, golf fields and 5 star hotels.

Santiago de Cuba is the second city of Cuba characterized by the interaction between the main mountain range of the island, Sierra Maestra and the Caribbean Sea. It has many interesting museums and forts of the colonial time, squares and buildings, ruins of French coffee plantations, remains of Admiral Cervera's fleet and alive monuments reminders of Hispanic-Cuban-American War in 1898. Those who are interested in historical aspects and ancient monuments will not get disappointed at all. They should definitely consider Cuba tourist destination for their upcoming vacations.

Cuban cuisine has been influenced by Indigenous, African, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish cultures. Cuban breakfast consists of a Tostada and Cafe Con Leche. Tostada is a portion of Cuban bread which is buttered then toasted on an electric grill whereas Cafe Con Leche is a combination of strong espresso coffee with warm milk. Lunch consists of Empanadas, chicken or meat turnovers or Cuban sandwiches and dinner consists of meat, chicken or fish dish consumed with white rice, black beans and Maduros, sweet fried plaintains. Cuba tourist destination is a destination which will never disappoint you.


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