Visit Bahamas - A Paradise on Earth!

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, this cluster of Islands, Cays and islets is nothing short of a fantasy tale brought to life - The Bahamas! With sun-shine and sand, with the ocean waters extending far beyond the horizon, The Bahamas give you a warm welcome. We at Global Escape Realty help you get there - and find the most awesome vacation rentals in Bahamas. With beach front resorts and luxury villas we have a whole list to suit your style.

These islands have adventures galore! Tales about notorious pirates and a whole history of "adventures of the seas" can be seen all around the place. You hear the locals narrating stories about the Eleutheran Adventurers and the very famous pirate Blackbeard and - the mysterious blue holes of Andros. Our website has exclusive prices for vacation rentals in Bahamas - so check out the list and get for yourself the most exclusive place for your vacation getaway. There's sailing, there's diving, there's kayaking, there's snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and loads of fun and frolic. There is a unique charm in the turquoise blue waters and the clear sunny skies. Global Escape Realty helps you with selecting the perfect place for a perfect vacation. All you need to do is register yourself and enter the destination of choice. You also have an option to select an agent to help you seal the deal. Our agents and agencies with their years of experience and knowledge of the local places, can appropriately map your in
terests to the locations that will suit you and help you select the most appropriate vacation rentals in Bahamas!

Make your get-away from routine life a memorable one. Walk along the pink sands at Harbor Island or extensive beaches at Exumas or watch dolphins on Blue Lagoon Islands. Relax and experience the tropical climate and breath of fresh air - by the beach. With a history that dates back to more than 7000 years and a diverse ecology, the Bahamas is a place with the most colorful culture too! Adorned with the most friendly and easygoing people, these islands attract visitors from all over the world, all year round. Our vacation rentals in Bahamas are surrounded by the natural beauty of the islands and are the coziest places to spend your vacation. "Seeing is believing" - we have streaming videos to show you round the property. There are details about the surroundings as well, to ease your decision and help you finalize on one particular destination! Global Escape Realty understands your dilemma with so many options to select from and so many choices to make. We lend our hand to help you reach the destination of your choice at Bahamas.

With extensive beaches, museums, adventure sports and limitless beauty all around, the Bahamas is a place to go - relax- enjoy- have fun and return from your vacations with smiles from ear to ear! And we can help make your stay there worth your while - with our most exclusive vacation rentals in Bahamas!


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