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Incredible is the only word that rings in the minds of tourists visiting Venice tourist attractions. In addition, this city is famously known as "Bride of the sea" because of many canals that crisscrosses the entire city. Venice tourist attractions are one of the most romantic and lovely places where time has stood still. Moreover, this city is indeed a jewel of Italy. Furthermore, the stunning architecture, impressive museums, art galleries and miles of canals is perfect for an everlasting vacation.

Basilica di Santa Maria is the world's third largest church, and one of the major Venice tourist attractions. Moreover, this enormous building can be instantly recognized by its grand dome. In addition, this magnificent church is one of the most photographed buildings. Furthermore, this church was build to honor St. Mary to protect locals from diseases. And, many visitors believe that visiting this church would protect them from diseases due to which this church is most visited Venice tourist attractions.

The wealth of history and magnificent interior is the combination that makes St. Marks Basilica a unique architectural building. Also, it is Italy's most famous church which attracts the visitors around the world. And, this church is lagoon of old rituals and enshrines the city's history. In addition, this church is the finest example of Byzantine architecture. Moreover, this beautiful church symbolizes the Venetian wealth and power, and it was nicknamed as Church of Gold in the 11th century. Furthermore, this is one of the most famous Venice tourist attractions among history and art lovers.

Rectangular looking but actually trapezium-shaped Piazza San Marco is one of the most famous Venice tourist attractions. Moreover, the centre of attraction in this piazza is Basilica di San Marco, and from the Basilica, beautiful piazza looks enormous. And, visiting the piazza and basilica is the most fantastic experience for the tourists. In addition, this place is cliche of a cliche, and most wonderful place to visit in this phenomenal world. Furthemore, if compared with all other Venice tourist attractions, this magnificent piazza is truly the heaven for tourists.

Ponte di Realto is the greatest landmark of this beautiful city. For many years, it was the only bridge to cross Grand Canal. And, now there are many shops that sell souvenirs and curiosities on this historically important landmark. In addition, this historical landmark is the brightest spot, and must see spot amongst all other Venice tourist attractions.

Ponte dei Sospiri is famously known as Bridge of sighs because this bridge was a rendezvous for lovers. Moreover, this important historical landmark still has a very romantic air to it, and this is why many couples find that this bridge is one of the most romantic Venice tourist attractions. In addition, this bridge is the one and only fully covered bridge in this city, and the best place imaginable.

In conclusion, apart from historical and architectural Venice tourist attractions, the gondola ride in the Grand Canal attracts every visitor. Moreover, for couples, gondola ride is a romantic experience and, observing Venice tourist attractions while riding in a gondola is a breathtaking experience for vacationers. Finally, this heavenly city is full of wonderful places and there is no other place in this world which is as magnificent as Venice.


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