Temples in India: The Magnificent Marvels

India is an exclusive tourist destination. The nature has provided this country beauty in every area but above all, this country can be called the land of temples. Because of the rich history and culture of Hinduism, this country boasts of magnificent temples in the world. Ancient temples in India do not have any parallel when it comes to the skilled craftsmanship and stone carving.

Guruvayoor Temple in South India

The temple of Guruvayoor is dedicated to lord Krishna. It ranks fourth in India keeping in mind the number of devotees visiting the temple in a single day. This shrine is popular and is called Dwarka of the south. You have mural paintings in the shrine. It is an important pilgrim center of south India and maximum numbers of marriages take place in this temple. The inside the temple is carved out of stone. It is called pathala anjana sila. This place is named by lord Shiva as Guruvayoor. This is located in Kerala.

Jaganath Temple in Puri

The temple of lord Jaganath is an Indian temple located near the sea in Puri. It is located in the east cost of Bay of Bengal. Apart from the temple, you have tribal culture, colorful wildlife and much more. Many temples have ceased to exist but this stands tall in all its glory. It is one of the most sacred spots in the country and attracts millions of pilgrims. Kings have visited this temple from time to time.

Who is lord Jaganath?

Lord Jaganath is the presiding deity of Jaganath temple in India and represents symbol of universal love. It is worshipped alongwih other deities also. There is lot of rush in the temple on the day of the fair which is held once in a year.

Maha Prasad of the Temple

When you talk of Maha Prasad, it is a pure vegetable food and is offered to lord Jaganath. It is said if you eat this Maha Prasad, you will make a spiritual progress. On every single day, as many as fifty six Prasad varieties are offered to lord Jaganath. You will get offering between 3 to 5 pm but the time changes.

Kailash Temple of Ellora

The Kailash temple is located in Ellora. It has been constructed by cutting 2 lac tones of rock. It is also called the largest monolithic structure in globe. It represents the Himalayan home of lord Shiva. This Indian temple is considered to be sculpted with perfection and is an astonishing rock cut monument in architectural history. It reflects a grace and peace which cannot be described in words. This temple is an eye opener to the world in the area of single rock cut architecture.

India is a glorious destination for the spiritual tourism and there are some magnificent temples in this country. Some of them are ancient and there are legends associated with them. You can make your India yatra a success by visiting some fabulous temples. It is better to consult a yatra company for a good advice.


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