Explore the Beauty of Religious Bhadraj Temple

The Bhadraj Temple is out and out devoted to Lord Bal Bhadra and is located towards the western region of Mussoorie. On both sides of the temple are majestic images that are just wonderful to watch. On one side of the temple there are Himalayan treks and from the other side the Indian plains emerge. The temple leads to the compact and dense northern slopes and the slopes in the southern region are covered by barren grass lands. During your India Tours you can visit many more religious places in India.

Lord Bal Bhadra is the brother of Lord Krishna to whom this shrine is devoted. From the summit of the temple one can have a beautiful view of the Sivalik ranges, Doon valley, Asan Barrage, High Himalayan peaks and the Dakpather. Some other ranges like Jaunsar Bawar and Chakrata ranges are also visible from the summit.

There is a three day fair that is held at the shrine during the month of August from 15th day of the month to 17th day of the month. The dense forests consist of oak trees which are very close to the high point of this temple. Trekking is a famous sport at Bhadraj. The trek at this temple starts from Cloud's End and it passes through the Dudhli village if one wants to reach the temple. From The Dudhli village there is an 8 km trek that passes right in the west ward direction and easily takes one to the trek destination. The Bhadraj Temple is located in the state of Uttaranchal in the Garhwal district of the Dehradun town. One can easily reach Mussorie as this place is well connected by rail, road and also by air.

There are several other attractions also located near to the Bhadraj Temple. The Nagtibba is situated at above 10,000 feet and is very popular for trekking. People from far across places come for trekking to this place. The trekking path takes through the dense forests and the high point of the place provides a beautiful view of the peaks of the Himalayas. Another very popular attraction of the place is the Jwalaji Temple which is located at a distance of 9 km form Mussorie and this shrine is devoted to Goddess Durga. This temple is situated at the apex of the Benog Hill which is also covered by dense and thick forests on both sides. From the high point of the temple one can have magnificent views.


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