Rajasthan Trip is Enchanting for Tourist

India is a land of diversity and Rajasthan holds a major relevance in the tourism circles. It is one of the leading wealth generating states of the country when it comes to tourism. The travelers of different parts of the world flock to this state to have a glimpse of majesty and royal taste. You can see some of the top forts, palaces and havelis of the world at this place. The architecture will make you spell bound. Rajasthan Tourism is growing day by day and more and more tourists from around the world are found at this place.

Rani Moosi ki Chatri

This is located in the historic place of Alwar. When you look at the cenotaph, you will be amazed to see the indo Islamic architecture. This monument is really a masterpiece and becomes the delight of the tourist. You will be really amazed when you see upper marble portion with doomed pavilions. The sand stone looks fabulous. The ceiling has paintings made of gold leaf. This memorial has a fine architecture.

The Museum at Alwar

This palace museum is a superb place to see with a fine collection. There is also the exhibition of the personal fortune of the maharajas of Alwar. You can also see illustrated Mahabharata on 200 ft scroll. You also have Gulistan shamiana. You have fine paintings from Alwar, Mughal School and Bundi. You can go to the armory chamber and this section contains swords of Akbar, Sultan Mohammed Ghori and Shahjahan.

Fateh Jung Tomb

This is a spectacular tomb with a massive dome. It is a combination of the Hindu and Islamic architecture styles. Fateh Jung worked in court of Shah Jahan's court as minister. He also had a relation with Khanzada rulers belonging to Alwar.

Vijay Mandir Palace

It is a grand residence built by Maharaja Jai Singh in the year 1918. This palace has a lake near it. You can see migratory birds and waterfalls in this lake. It is designed on the pattern of a ship.

Silserh Lake

When you go for a Rajasthan trip, do not forget to go to the Silserh Lake. There is also a water palace. This lake is engulfed with low wooded hills. This place is really a marvelous tourist destination. The area of lake is more than 10.5 sq km.


This is a beautiful site and pilgrims bathe here in the hot sulphur springs. There are apes in the temples and because of these animals, the bells strike all the day. As per the story, this is the place of penance done by Madhav Rishi.

Bhartrihari Temple

This is a beautiful temple and the story of the king is behind it. King Bhartrihari spent last days of temple at this place.

It is better to have Rajasthan trip after consulting some genuine travel companies. They will offer you some exclusive Rajasthan tour packages. You will really remember this tour throughout your life.


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