Lonely Planet India: An Ideal Destination

India is a beautiful destination to explore on the face of the earth. You can find mesmerizing beauty in this country right from north to south and east to west. One life in this world is not enough to explore India as a tourist destination. India has been placed as one of the most glamorous tourist destinations in the world by the lonely planet guide. The bigger part of attraction in this country is that it has got all things provided by the nature on the mother earth. If you love snow, you have in India. If you are a lover of monsoon, you have it India. You will get all weather conditions in India.

India is a place famous for the beautiful mountains. When you start at trip from the northern belt of this country right from Kashmir, you will be mesmerized with the beautiful snow clad mountains and these stand tall crowning this country in all its glory and splendor. The experts of lonely planet India have described this country as a nation with diversity of culture, beauty, climate and many more. This becomes the reason this country is one of the prime destinations when it comes to the tourism industry. There is a major growth and tourism in India is a multibillion dollar industry.

Before you plan a trip to India, it is better to consult the travel guide lonely planet. You can get the complete notion about the places you want to visit in this country. Start from the northern belt, the beautiful valley of Kashmir, also called the paradise on the face of the earth. This is an ideal destination for the tourist. You will feel oneness with nature on reaching this valley and can relax yourself in the exotic mughal gardens and have a boat ride in the Dal Lake.

If you move to the southern part of the country, you will have the opportunity to touch the ocean of kanya kumari, the backwaters and beaches of Kerala with a mesmerizing effect. Your body as well as mind will be totally relaxed when you visit different hill stations and resorts in India.

For fun loving people also, India is best and there are beaches in all the coastal regions of the nation. Goa is a place famous for beaches and many people come to this place from different parts of the world.

India is also a place for spiritual tourism and there are many people from around the world who want to come to this nation to learn eastern philosophies and techniques of meditation. There are monasteries, secluded places in the Himalayas, river banks, beaches where a person can meditate and become one with divine. Lonely planet India rightly refers this country as beautiful destination for tourists.

You come to India and have an experience of life. Come with friends and family and this will be unique experience. Your trip to India will be a remembrance of lifetime.


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