Honeymoon In India - The Country Is A Beautiful Destination

Being a newlywed couple, you will think of enjoying at a destination which will become a remembrance in the later days of your life. When it comes to enjoying with your lover, you can come to India. It is a land f beaches, hill stations, beautiful cities and much more. For making the honeymoon a remembrance, you can go to some of the most beautiful honeymoon spots in India.

Before you start for your honeymoon trip, it is better to consult some of the leading travel agents in the country and get some exclusive honeymoon packages. They will also provide you proper guidance for the spots you choose. You can go to the following spots.

Horsley hills

It is a famous hill resort located in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located around 160 km from the city of Bangalore. You can also visit the Mallamma temple and the famous Rishi valley school. Once you land in this place, you can also move to the Koundinya wildlife sanctuary.

A brief history of this place

If you trace the old name of the Horsley hills, it is mallamma konda. The legend revolves around a little girl by the name Mallamma. She used to live in the hills among the elephants and these loving creatures took care of her. When the tribal people used to approach the girl, she used to heal them of the ailments by the supernatural powers she possessed. But one day, she disappeared all of a sudden and from that day people consider her as goddess and also built a temple in her honor.

Later during the time of the British rule, a British officer by the name WD Horsley visited the place between the years 1840- 43. He was so mesmerized with the beauty of the hills that choose it as the summer residence. Horsley was collector of Cuddaph. In the present timers, Andra Pradesh governor makes use of this bungalow as the residence for summer.

A glimpse of the Horsley hills - the spots to see

When you pass through the narrow road of the Horsley hills, you will find a beauty of extraordinary significance. You will find as if the paradise has come on the face of the earth. The beautiful trees will really mesmerize you and make you spellbound, You will find a thick growth of jacaranda, eucalyptus, gulmohar and allamanda trees. Apart from this, there are other tourist spots in this place. These include Gaalibanda Park, museum, environmental park and the beautiful lake Gangotri. You can have zorbing at this place.

What is zorbing?

Zorbing is a fun loving sport. In this game, you will roll down in a big sphere. Zorb is two sectioned. One ball is inside another and there is a layer of air in between. This acts as a shock absorber for rider and acts as protection cover for him on bumps.

If you really want to spend a beautiful honeymoon in India, Horsley hill is a beautiful spot.


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