Indian Fairs And Festivals Leave You Spellbound

India is an exotic destination on the face of the earth and is known for is rich civilization and history of culture. When you come to this country and scan all the areas, you will find it not only land of rich culture and legacy; but also as a land of multiple fairs and festivals and these are enough to make man happy. When you are in India, you feel every moment of life is an amazing experience. Indians celebrate fair and festival throughout the year. In fact, the festival in India is celebrated by people who are born in this country but also by the tourists from different countries.

There are different Indian festivals and these are classified as per the category. It can be national, regional, cultural and religious. When there is a particular festival in India, it is celebrated by people of all religions and cultures with a great respect.

Some important festivals in India are


Diwali is called the auspicious festival in India and celebrated by Hindus. It remarks the victory of Lord Rama over evil and his return back to he city of Ajodhya. It is also called festival of lights and is celebrated by people of all faiths with great fervor.

Guru Nanak jayanti

It is one of the Indian festivals in honor of the Sikh guru Nanak and is celebrated with great fervor by people of different faiths.


Christmas is a festival celebrated by the Christians throughout the country. People of all faiths celebrate this festival with great fervor. They go to churches and light candles on this day.


Eid is the festival of Muslims. It is celebrated in the country with great love and affection.

Some national festivals of country are

Independence Day

The Independence Day is a national festival. It marks the day of political freedom of country from the rule of British. It is celebrated on 15h of august.

Republic day

The republic day is an important festival and is celebrate o commemorate the day India became republic. It is celebrated on the 26h of January every year. One chief guest from a different nation presides over the republic day along with president of India.

India is a land where fairs and festivals go hand in hand. After a particular festival, the fair starts and this process goes on and on. Some of the popular fairs of the country are

Surajkund mela

When it comes to celebrating fairs in India, one should not forget to go for Surajkund mela in Delhi. It is actually a craft mela and you will have a chance to see the exclusive craftsmanship of India. This far takes place from 1s o 15th of February of every year in Surajkund.

Jaganath temple fair and festival - puri

This is an important religious fair and festival in honor of lord Jaganath. People from across the world come to attend this fair. It is a must see when it comes to celebrating fairs in India.

You will find a new change in life after celebrating Indian fairs and festivals.


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