Explore The Hidden Charm of Quy Nhon, A Sleeping Beauty in V

Quy Nhon City is the center of cultural, economic and political life of Binh Dinh province. Quy Nhon is known as the "city of poetry", by charm and poetic, is an attractive destination for any visitor loves sea and tranquillity.

Start your journey to discover Quy Nhon city is Queen's Beach under Thi Nhan hill. About 2 km from the center of the city, located in resort Ghenh Rang is a unique beach with numerous smooth stones as eggs with different sizes together,so it called Bai Trung(Egg site). It was also called Queen's Beach, where once the royal family bathed. (as was previously reserved for Nam Phuong' Empress).

Above the beach is the resting place of famous poet Han Mac Tu. Besides the Ghenh Rang site is Quy Hoa - "valley of peace" - a spot to visit tourist attractions with fantastic scenery, beautiful beaches, the green casuarina-tree. Going into the center of Quy Hoa, you'll find hundreds of houses of the patient was built over 80 years ago, every house has a different architecture but all seems rustic and casual.

The next point in the journey is the Phuong Mai peninsula - Thi Nai Bridge. Located in the Nhon Hoi bridge system about 7 km, it connects Quy Nhon City with Nhon Hoi economic zone, Thi Nai Bridge is the longest bridge over sea in Vietnam. It is not only the pride of the people of Binh Dinh, but also is the highlight attracts tourists. It located east of the pond rammer of Thi Nai - the largest brackish water pond rammer in Binh Dinh with a variety of popular seafood and beautiful - is Phuong Mai Peninsula as a huge screen with the mountains system, which also preserve the ecosystem is relatively abundant. Here, visitors can choose the tour exploring the sand dunes of Nhon Ly of Phuong Mai peninsula, to see the vastness and beauty of unspoiled charming golden sand.

Quy Nhon City not only has many scenic but also has many cultural relics, famous history. In downtown, visitors do not forget to visit the Long Khanh Pagoda - one of the major Buddhist center of Binh Dinh - to listen to the monks about the process of building the temple, watching the Red Thai ringtones and logo plate "Long Khanh Tu " under the reign of Gia Long King". Next, the twin towers (Hung Thanh Tower) is a destination not to miss in your journey. This is the old tower was built last century XII early century XIII, is the beautiful and unique architecture consists two towers. If some other Cham towers, including many roof, the tower has special architecture, the tower itself and the curved roof square being equal, simple but solid ...

If you want to see panoramic Quy Nhon city, go up the Quy Nhon - Song Cau road. From on high, you'll see Quy Nhon beautiful as a picture. And especially, visitors do not miss the opportunity to explore Quy Nhon night. At night, Quy Nhon more beautiful, more peaceful. The beach or the seaside cafe is the place for you to rest, relax and watch the sparkle lights from fishing boat.

At Quy Nhon, travelers should not ignore the delicious food of the local and special ... try the "Bau Da" - traditional renowned wine.


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