Rajasthan, A Dream Destination For Tourists

Rajasthan the north west state and the most popular tourist destination of India is visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. Rajasthan tourism gets its popularity through a glorious past which it owes to it Royality and the brave Rajputs, who have brought fame to this land with their bravery and their royal life style. The life style of the royals has been so remarkable that it cannot be described by words. They have embedded priceless jewels throughout this land in form of Magnificient forts, Royal Palaces, Remarkable heritage monuments, Colorful Markets and more. It is really surprising that Rajasthan was once a land with such glory, but surely the past has always hidden its present.

Rajasthan tour a better way to explore this beautiful land and to familiarize oneself with past and culture. There are many beautiful cities in Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mandawa, Nawalgarh, Pushkar, Ajmer, Chittorgarh, Kota. All these cities have some thing special that make them important. The cities are dotted with beautiful royal palaces, magnificient forts, and more. Here you come across bustling and colorful markets filled with stuff that you never want to leave back.

Rajasthan tourism has much more then its history, its vast desert and the famous golden sand dunes are a major attraction for tourists who seek adventure in the desert. Jaisalmer is the desert city of Rajasthan which spreads itself towards the borders with the neighbouring countries. Adventurers gather at the center of the desert in Sam and Khuri and pitch their tents togther to form their base in the desert. Camel safari trips start from these places deep into the dry and beautiful desert where the golden sand dunes are spread every where. Evenings are more fun at these camps , it is time to celebrate after a long day tyring camel safari. Everyone gathers around the bonfires where music and folk dance run aloud and till late evenings.

The wild life in Rajasthan is also a major attraction. Different species of wild animals and birds are found all across rajasthan. The most visited wildlife spots are the Tiger reserves which remain busy throughout the year. During monsoons the wildlife reserves remain closed. A large number of wild life is found here, crocodiles, aligators , nilgai, deer, tigers and more. Bharatpur remains home to large number of migratory birds during winter who come flocking from as far as Siberia . Bharatpur is the photographers paradise. Animals have remained holy in India so Rajasthan is no exception, Here Black Bucks and rats are worshiped. Rats have their own temple where they roam freely and are worshiped. This temple in Deshnok is filled up with rats every where and sit close to humans without any fear. Food and sweets are served to these rats daily.

The bustling markets are colorfull , vibrant and tell only thing shop till you drop. The shops are fill with eye catching stuff , handicrafts and souvenir. Buying spree in these markets can be endless where you forget every thing else. Suely you want to leave nothing that you see because every thing is so attractive and unique. The shoppers crowds never seem to end and keep coming without stop.


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