Rajasthan: City of Forts and Lakes

Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful state and internationally noticeable for its multi-coloured architectural heritage and culture. Festivals, Fairs, mysterious Thar Desert, remarkable historic Monuments, splendid palace structures, and many more are one of the fascinating assets of Rajasthan.

Udaipur, which is famous for the Lake Palace, Jaisalmer that sees visitors from distant and broad coming to see the ancient havelis and of course, the spectacular Sam-sand dunes of Rajasthan; Jodhpur, or the Blue City, which houses the Umaid Bhawan Palace and Mehrangarh Fort on the outskirts of the city and how one can forget Jaipur, or the Pink City, renowned for the Hawa Mahal and City Palace are some of the renowned places in Rajasthan. These forts and royal residence of Rajput's now have been converted into heritage resorts. There are various tour packages available.

If you are an adventure lover than you are at the right place and you can choose your holiday package according to your need. Here you can enjoy the "Safari", in Thar Desert; the Safari may be through Jeep or by Camel. This place is also for the wildlife lovers, as this place is full of parks and sanctuaries. Some of them are Ranthambore National Park (achieves a high width of tiger population), Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Sariska Reserve.

Camel safari is the most interesting way to comb out the desert; it can be enjoyable yet sometime uncanny experience due to some reasons. Journey by camel is not very smooth. Places like Amar Sagar, Lodhruva, Mool Sagar and the famous Sam sand dunes are very far so it is good to hire a Jeep, which will make your journey shorter and also smoother.

There is also good news for bike lovers, that bike safari have been introduced recently. Bike safari will be a real fun as it gives a real interaction with the nature and also with the local people of that area which will help the tourists to understand the culture more closely.

Rajasthan is also famous for its artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient way of Indian life. Highly different cultural music and dance reflects its own cultural tradition. Udaipur and Jaisalmer are famous for Ghoomar dance Kalbeliya dance. These forms dances have also gain international recognition. Kathputli, Teratali, Ghindar, Kachchhighori, etc. are the examples of the traditional Rajasthani culture. Folk music is a vital part of Rajasthani culture.Folk songs are commonly poems which relate heroic deeds and love stories; bhajans and banis (often accompanied by musical instruments like dholak, sitar, sarangi etc.) are also sung.

Just like the art and craft, which is totally different, its food is also very different. Some of the famous dishes are:
- Lapsi (sweet dish prepared with broken wheat (Dalia), sauteed in ghee and sweetened).
- Combination of dal (lentils), bati (baked wheat ball) and churma (sweetened cereal)S
- Mawa Kachori (Jodhpur specialty)
- Ghevar (Jaipur specialty)
- Mawa (Alwar specialty)


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