Germany Tourist Destinations For Marvelous Holiday Trip

Germany is the largest country in Central Europe. It is a federation of 16 states, roughly corresponding to regions with their own distinct and unique cultures. It is considered as one of the most influential nations in European culture, and one of the world's main economic powers. It has many historical regions and is admired by visitors for its old-world charm and hospitality. Germany tourist destinations are being visited by many tourists every year.

Berlin is the capital of Germany and its largest city. It comes first in the list of Germany tourist destinations. Berlin has many attractions, though known for its history, many visitors stop at the former site of the Berlin Wall which is a thriving center for contemporary arts and nightlife amid some of the finest architecture and museums in the world. Hackescher Markt, a well known center of high fashion, attracts shoppers and artists from all over the world.

Frankfurt, officially known as Frankfurt am Main, is the largest financial center in Europe. It is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers on the continent, with Commerzbank Tower being the highest of them all. It also has some of the best museums and classic architecture in the Hesse region centered on the Schaumainkai, a street old city center surrounded by 15 museums. There are also many techno clubs in Frankfurt. Frankfurt city has always been mentioned as one of the most popular Germany tourist destinations.

Munich is country's beer capital owing to its world famous Oktoberfest. It has become the modern center of publishing and banking. It has headquarters of BMW, gorgeous gothic churches and castles in old town. Munich is believed to have some of the foremost city parks in Europe. Englischer Garden is the largest park.

Hamburg is known for its historical architecture. It has many churches including famous St. Nikolai Kirche. Due to the focus on arts, the Hamburg State Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra become one of the finest companies in Europe. In Speicherstadt area old warehouses are being redeveloped in order to include shops, hotels and offices as part of a larger project called Hafen City.

The Black Forest located in the Southwestern Germany is famous for originating the cuckoo clocks. Camping, hiking and skiing are favorite activities that the tourists can indulge at Black Forest.

Traditional German Cuisine is known for healthy, hearty wishes served with utmost care. In fact many American foods have originated from traditional recipes of German food. Traditionally German breakfast consists of bread, toast, and bread rolls supplemented with jam, honey, marmalade, eggs over a cup of strong coffee or tea. Lunch is the main meal of the day eaten around noon and dinner is always a smaller meal which is made of sandwiches sometimes. All these factors and sites make the Germany tourist destinations best in the world.


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